Wait no more!…. V-Revealed Ep #7 NOW LIVE! 

In today’s “pandemic” world, will you be able to make a choice about what happens to YOUR body (or your child’s body)?


Are you going to be forced against your will?

And… what if you do it unwittingly because the true side-effects are not disclosed?

This is about personal space – this is about Human Rights.

This is about some of the most fundamental issues that affect human beings.

To compel shots against one’s will is against individual rights and your health freedom.

“I believe in individual rights.”

-Dr. Patrick Gentempo


Front and center: Current, up-to-the-minute interview with Dr. Zach Bush.

Zach is one of the very few Triple Board Certified doctors in the United States.

What he knows about viruses, the immune system, and how that all fits into our current 2020 “pandemic” is life-changing.

“I began looking into V[**]cine safety when I realized that my two daughters were injured by these shots”

-Gayle Delong Ph.D.

I looked and realized that every time they got one of “these shots” it got worse…

“If you asked your doctor, ‘Name 3 ingredients in that syringe,’ most doctors wouldn’t be able to tell you.”

-Sherri Tenpenny, D.O.

This is a must-see night.


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