“Why me?” Plant Fit Summit

In 2019 Science Daily published fascinating research where they asked patients:

“What do you think is the reason you got cancer?”

The result:

“Bad luck” or fate was the third most common perceived cause of their cancer – behind age and family history.

While understandable, these answers give the power to something outside of their control and when you do that, you’re less likely to change for the better because why bother…

So the #1 question you want to avoid is:

“Why me?”

The brain will come up with some seemingly logical answer to that question – true or not – and you’ll be trapped…

Better questions to ask are:

  • “What factors that may have contributed to me being in this situation can I control?”
  • “What can I do to improve my chances to get out of this?”
  • “Who has overcome this before and how?”

While the study looked at cancer, the power of asking the right questions applies anywhere…

So here’s a challenge for next week: pay attention to what questions you ask yourself and try to ask more empowering questions!

And that’s what we hope to have done with the Plant Fit Summit (click here if you haven’t claimed your spot already!)

We’ve been told “it’s just bad luck” when our family members were diagnosed with cancer…

But once you dig deeper you’ll find that genetic mutations play a major role in only about 5 to 10 percent of all cancers… and that genetics are rarely the sole cause. Imagine how empowering that knowledge is because it means that in the vast majority of cases we are not powerless…

And it’s the same with so many diseases and challenges we face today!

So join us on the Plant Fit Summit right now and find answers to the most urgent questions.

We’ve prepared 9 eye-opening days for you – here are just some of the highlights:

  • Which self-controlled factors threaten our immune system – hint: most of the time we are unwittingly taxing it ourselves but a few simple steps can free up your immune system’s capacity.
  • A simple test anyone can do at home to see if you suffer from adrenal fatigue (so common in a year dominated by bad news)
  • How to match your goals to your personality type (this can be a game changer if you feel it’s a struggle)
  • Debunking myths with one of the doctors featured in the documentary “Game Changers” (avoiding common mistakes and misconceptions is half the battle)
  • Which social, environmental and lifestyle factors can promote systemic chronic inflammation (these often sneak up on you even if you make health a priority in life)
  • 7 habits for permanent weight loss (without counting calories, portion control or excessive exercise)
  • The different types of Omega-3s and how to allow the body to convert more into the molecules your brain needs
  • The gentle daily detox program you can implement at home (our body is designed to release toxins and you’ll learn how to support this release)

And so much more including six bonus presentations by people who are taking on the status quo to lead to systemic change…

We’re beyond excited to share this year’s summit with you and hope you’ll join us and 36 experts that you don’t want to miss…

>> Click here to claim complimentary access now <<

Wishing you a great weekend and see you on the summit.

Yours in health,

Tobi & Luke

Source: https://plantfitmovement.com/