Questions and Answers About COVID-19 Part II, Pamela Popper

Questions and Answers About COVID-19 Part II Pamela A. Popper, President
Wellness Forum Health

Can you clarify a few things about asymptomatic people? We are told that we must wear masks and incessant testing is necessary in order to find those who are positive but asymptomatic in order to avoid spreading the disease.

The Centers for Disease Control just changed its stance concerning asymptomatic people, stating that people without symptoms do not need to be tested. This policy even applies to individuals who have been in close contact with an infected individual.[1]

This policy is more in alignment with studies showing that “asymptomatic carriers” are not likely to infect others.[2]

Why aren’t more doctors and health professional speaking out about this hoax?

The biggest reason is fear of retaliation. Dr. Simone Gold organized the America’s Frontline Doctors event in Washington D.C. Following this event, she was terminated from her job. Many of the other doctors who participated reported that they were investigated by state medical boards after prescribing hydroxychloroquine to COVID-19 patients. These actions are taken deliberately to discourage others from speaking out. Unfortunately this strategy works.

I’m concerned about the upcoming COVID-19 vaccine and do not want to be forced to get it. What if my employer makes this a condition of employment?

There are a few options for preventing this from happening. If enough employees refuse to receive the vaccine and threaten to quit and immediately walk out, an employer would have to change the policy. As an employer, I can say with assurance that if even five of our associates demanded something as a condition for continuing to work I would have to agree to it, at least in the short-term, because there would be no way to continue to operate our business with five people missing. Of course, they could be replaced over time, but if threatened with immediate refusal to work, I’d have to concede.

The second option is to file a lawsuit, and I imagine there will be many filed if employers decide to mandate the vaccine. There is a high likelihood that if these lawsuits are filed by capable attorneys, an injunction might be granted while the lawsuit proceeds through the court system. 

The third option is to contact your state representatives and senators and demand that legislation be passed to prevent employers from making vaccines a condition of employment. This is why it is so important to join Make Americans Free Again – our goal is to be able to help you to do this by gathering a massive voter base that can be sorted by state districts. Then we can vote out and/or pressure elected officials to pass laws that support vaccine choice.

What recourse does a family have concerning visitation in nursing homes for those residents who have been isolated for months?
Most states are still either forbidding visits from family and friends or have set ridiculous rules (only outside; requirement to wear masks; six feet of distance which makes communication difficult; and so on) that make visits impractical. The nursing homes are like many other businesses – they must follow the governor’s orders or they can lose their license to operate.

The strategies for resolving this and other egregious violations of rights are lawsuits, massive civil disobedience, and voting people out of office who support these punitive policies. In many states, legislatures can pass bills to limit the governor’s powers but refuse to do so. At this point – 150 days past “flatten the curve” – 100% of all state legislators should be on board to reign in the governor of their state. Sadly, this is not the case in most states. GET RID OF THESE PEOPLE!! VOTE THEM OUT!!

This does not provide immediate relief, but it should be apparent to everyone which elected officials are and are not responsive to the plight of citizens. Elected officials who refuse to take specific actions to make things better are just as culpable and responsible as their governors for the consequences of these policies.

My family is overdue for dental visits to have teeth cleaned and regular checkups, and our providers are requiring masks, temperature taking, and even COVID-19 tests. What should we do?
You may be able to find a solo practitioner who is not associated with a large practice or medical institution who is not insisting on such silly rules. Ask around – the underground mask-less economy is alive and well in most areas. if not, you may decide to postpone these activities for just a bit. Being a few weeks late to have your teeth cleaned is not life-threatening. And if no one sick, a doctor’s visit may not be very important right now.

Individuals must all make their own decisions about this, but personally I will not go anywhere or get services from anyone who demands all of this nonsense unless I’m almost dead and even then I would think twice before agreeing to any of it.

Some doctors and researchers are claiming that the virus has never been purified or seen under a microscope and that means that a virus is not causing anyone’s illness, and the tests are useless. It’s important for people to know this.

This may be true. Most thinking people are aware by now that there are problems with the tests, and some state auditors are investigating. Ohio’s Auditor Keith Faber has set up a website for people to report incidents such as not showing up for a test and yet being notified by mail of a positive result. Here is the link for reporting in Ohio:

As for what “this” is – virus, bacteria, man-made, natural, and so on – I’m very interested in the answer to this and many other questions. However, I advise everyone to remain focused on freeing ourselves from tyranny FIRST. Free people have the luxury of looking into issues like this, and then seeing that perpetrators are punished. If the despots win, they will be punishing those of us who are dissenters. I’m a very public dissenter, and this is a risk I’ve chosen to take, but I won’t be distracted from our main goal right now: MAKE AMERICANS FREE AGAIN! We can investigate lots of things after we are free.

I think this situation may be hopeless at this point. Don’t you get discouraged?

The situation is not hopeless, and I am not discouraged. I do understand that we have a limited amount of time in which to take our country back and overthrow the despots who have taken control of our lives. This requires careful allocation of resources, massive mobilization of people, and targeted lawsuits. We are on it! I think this will be ok in the end, and also that we will look back and see why this debacle had to happen in order to make a lot of things better.

[1] Overview of Testing for SARS-CoV-2 (COVID-19). Updated August 24 2020
[2] Luo L, Liu D, Liao X et al. “Contact Settings and Risk for Transmission in 3410 Close Contacts of Patients with COVID-19 in Guangzhou China.” Ann Intern Med