Questions and Answers About COVID-19 Part I Pamela A. Popper, President Wellness Forum Health

I’m going to allocate some newsletters to commonly asked questions and answers. Here is the first batch!School-Related Questions and Answers

What can teachers (and other school employees), and parents of students do about the mandate to wear masks in schools?
I generally do not like to be the bearer of bad news, but the bottom line is that at this time, there is no way to avoid this. I’ve not seen a case yet in which even a doctor’s note has resulted in a student or school employee being excused from wearing a mask. This is another good reason to home school your children, and if you are a teacher or school employee, to think about a career change. There are some interesting opportunities for teachers since so many parents are home schooling. Some are forming pods and co-ops, pooling their resources, and hiring teachers privately.

What about filing a lawsuit?
You can do this, but it’s expensive if you are filing it yourself. Unless your attorney asks for an injunction, which would not likely be granted in my opinion, the case would not be tried in time to affect this school year. Better to join and support organizations that are working on these issues for you like Make Americans Free Again

My college-age child has been told that he/she must sign a pledge agreeing to participate in random testing, quarantines, contact tracing, and rules such as social distancing, avoiding gatherings and so on. What should I do?
There is no recourse; universities and colleges are adopting even more onerous policies than public and private K-12 schools, and they are just as inflexible.

This is just my opinion, and many may disagree…Take a year off, or enroll in a distance learning program through another school. First, the agreement is ridiculous, overreaching, and most likely not legal. Yet there are consequences for not following “the rules,” and almost no one will actually be able to do so. The tests are not reliable, making it quite likely that your child will be quarantined either due to a false positive or via contact tracing from someone else who tests positive.

Many colleges and universities that have opened have closed again after a few positive tests or a gathering of students and sent everyone home. Attendance at these schools for an entire semester is far from guaranteed.

And last but not least, the college experience that your child is looking forward to is not going to happen until this nonsense is over. Better to wait than to reward these schools and their onerous rules with tuition money.

General COVID Questions

A lot of people are predicting a “second wave” of COVID-19. Do you think that this is going to happen?
We actually never had a first wave. As I’ve said repeatedly, there is no data supporting the declaration of an epidemic or pandemic. This was an invented hoax. If the criminals who did this want to stage a “second wave” they will do it.

What do you say to people who still believe that this is a dangerous virus, wear their masks, and are afraid to go anywhere?
I don’t say anything to them. In early March, I knew this was a hoax after analyzing the data and checking out Neil Ferguson (the guy who developed the model on which the ridiculous responses were based). Ferguson has a long track record of making wildly inaccurate predictions – in fact, he has never been right about anything. But at that time, I had some patience with people who were watching the news and being brainwashed daily. At that time, they were hearing predictions of what was going to happen and those predictions sounded scary.

But months later, it is clear that the predictions were wrong. Ten countries and several states that did not participate in this nonsense have had no overcrowded hospitals, and their cases and death rates are low. There are hundreds of doctors speaking out and reporting real data, including data on the increasing collateral damage – suicides, overdoses, deaths due to neglect and lack of treatment, bankruptcies, homelessness, food insecurity. And the rules are becoming more nonsensical every week.

Anyone who continues to believe and promote the outright lies that are being told daily is either incredibly stupid or is supporting the dark agenda of the criminals and despots who planned and are executing this debacle. You will not convince these people with facts – they are not interested, and their minds are already made up.

What should people be doing to protect themselves right now? Are there people who should be taking extra precautions?
What happens every year during flu season? The CDC and other health authorities try to scare/convince people to get a flu vaccine. Other than that, nothing else changes. Nursing homes still allow visitors. Students still go to school. Everyone goes to work. People travel. Large gatherings take place all over the world – conferences, athletic events, concerts and other performances – and so on.

Every year a billion people worldwide get the flu, older and more vulnerable people have more severe symptoms, and most of the deaths happen in the older and more vulnerable population. A significant percentage of deaths are in long-term care facilities. This is what happened this year during flu season with COVID-19.

Everyone has to make their own decision about what they want to do, but I see no reason to modify any behavior at this time.

But what about nursing home deaths? Shouldn’t these people be protected?
The average age of nursing home patients when they are moved into these facilities is 83. The average length of time between when they enter and when they die is 13.7 months, and 53% die within 6 months of arrival.

The reason people are moved into long-term care facilities is because they are frail and sick. They have short life expectancies. I have had many family members and friends who have lived their final months in these facilities and from my experience, the last thing these people would want is separation from family and friends. Any nursing home patient that chooses to isolate should be allowed to do so, but I don’t think there would be many who would do this.

Read Dr. Peter Breggin’s very moving essay on this topic, which appeared in our newsletter.

But there are so many cases being reported daily. Isn’t this cause for concern?
There are several factors contributing to the daily reports of cases. First, asymptomatic people are being encouraged to be tested. There are signs in drug stores and grocery stores, billboards, articles in newspapers, and commercials on television – all promoting testing.

In many states, including Ohio, people are knocking on doors in neighborhoods and randomly testing people who are home in order to report more “cases.”

Anyone admitted to the hospital for any reason – including joint replacement – must be tested, sometimes multiple times and even if asymptomatic. Those who test positive are labeled as “cases” even when they have no symptoms of flu. They are also categorized as “hospitalized COVID-19 patients” even if they are asymptomatic and hospitalized for other reasons, like angioplasty.

The CDC’s definition of a “case” has been broadened to include a growing list of symptoms. According to CDC guidelines, any person who has had contact with a person who tests positive is a case, and so is anyone who has visited a “hotspot” like certain counties in Ohio with a few dozen cases in a population of millions.

Just as important, the tests are not reliable. The inventor of one of the most commonly used tests (the PCR test) stated publicly that the test should be used for lab work only and not as a diagnostic tool.

And an increasing number of people are reporting that in spite of not showing up for the test, they received notice that they tested “positive” in the mail. The office of the Ohio Auditor has opened an investigation of this issue and is collecting case reports on its website. Other state auditors are also investigating. Many people are starting to realize that something is terribly wrong.

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