Ep. 30: Rich Roll + Rip Eppelstyn: Catching Up with a Plant-Strong Friend

Over a decade ago, Rich Roll and Rip ventured down parallel paths. We both abandoned our steady and stable jobs to chase a dream and write books, navigating unchartered territory. We accidentally became lifestyle influencers, before the “influencer” label was really established. We had young families at the time and both agree it was hard to take the leap. But when you believe in something and you feel called to pursue it, you have to act…and fortunately, we both did.

I recorded this interview last fall at Rich’s house when I was out in L.A., so you won’t hear any dialogue around the current issues we’re all facing, but you will hear thoughtful conversation on fear, vulnerability, suffering, epiphanies in life, learning to give and receive love, meditation, and the bravery it takes to shed our old skin and start over.

As you’re listening to us reminisce, ask yourself: Are there changes in my own life that I want to make? Is there a cause I believe in so much that I’m willing to give up virtually everything? What are my own fears that might be prohibiting me from going after these goals? How can I get out of my comfort zone?

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