Nutrition, Gut Health & Your Immune System | Dr. Joel Fuhrman

We asked Dr. Joel Fuhrman—seven-time New York Times bestselling author and internationally-recognised expert on nutrition and natural healing—to talk to us about nutrition, the gut, and how you can fortify your immune system to thrive during this time.
We discussed: –
The foods you need to eat for your gut (conveniently called G-BOMBS), which can also protect your microbiome even if you eat not-so healthy foods
– A crash course if you want to start eating healthy ASAP and see results within the first few weeks (Note: breakfast isn’t the most important meal of the day!)
– The stories of some of his patients who saw amazing results by following his nutrition protocol (one of them lost 85 lbs in 4 months!)
– Why some of the popular diets these days are only good for short-term benefits but are actually bad for your long-term health
– What can people with autoimmune disorders do when they are sensitive to gut-friendly foods
And so much more!
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