Dr. Richard Bartlett’s COVID ‘Silver Bullet’ Budesonide Empties Hospital ICU

Dr. Richard Bartlett shared exclusive news with OAN about how asthma medicine Budesonide emptied a hospital ICU after being used to treat coronavirus. One America’s Amanda Brilhante has more.

An expanded interview on ACWT from 7.2.20:

Comment below this video:

For those wondering what is the name of the medicine : Budesonide is sold under the name brand Pulmicort Respules. This is the type that can only be used by inhalation using the nebulizer. Type of Steroid: Corticosteroids Google Pulmicort and you will find it.


Debbie Georgatos

July 6, 2020

UPDATE:  Many visitors have requested that we make the two documents below available in printable form; these links are to pdf file that should be printable:  (1) Dr. Bartlett’s letter to Senator Hall; and (2) Dr. Bartlett’s primary paper (updated).

Debbie Georgatos

July 8, 2020

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