2 thoughts on “Lawsuits and Demands for Change by Dr. Pamela Popper

  1. I am so pleased to hear that a law suit has been started in Maine. I would love to get in contact with others to see if I can be of help. I moved here in NTurner at a friend’s house last October and do not know many people in the area. Because I have wanted to start “something” I sent our Governor a letter plus the David Martin’s Fauci/Covid 19 Fauci Dossier on I/25. I did get an email back saying that someone would get back to me. They have not, so yesterday I sent another letter outlining my concerns with a final paragraph in a hopeful vein that Governor Mills and her staff will rise to the challenge of protecting our Constitution and develop policies that are life affirming for human beings. And I offered to help if desired. So so far I have tried to verbalize content hoping that she will respond positively. I will see if I can send you copies of my letters so far.

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