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Hello friends!

Understanding that the powerful urges we have to eat food that is not good for us (fat, sugar, meat, cheese) come from strong evolutionary forces that were hardwired into our bodies millions of years ago helps us make sense of why we are drawn to these foods today.

We evolved in an environment of scarcity and our bodies were designed primarily to SURVIVE UNTIL REPRODUCTION in a variety of challenging environments.  But one environment in which our bodies appear to have no ability to adapt is an environment of continual dietary excess with ready and cheap access to high calorie, nutrient-poor food on a continual basis.

Here are a couple of short videos that explain this phenomenon very well: 

Addictive foods-Dr. Neal Barnard, sugar, cheese, dairy 14 min. 55 sec.

 Dr. Doug Lisle, supranormal stimuli (I love Dr. Lisle’s dry wit) 14 min, 56 seconds.

Aaaand, here’s my favorite pickled red onion recipe:

A small amount of sugar used as flavoring (as this recipe does) is generally acceptable on a WFPBD for non-diabetics.  Likewise with salt used in moderation.
Hope y’all have a good week.
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