Pandemics: History & Prevention Michael Greger M.D.

How to treat the cause by preventing the emergence of pandemic viruses in the first place (a video I recorded more than a decade ago when I was Public Health Director at the HSUS in Washington DC).


*Please note there is graphic human and animal footage*

This video is more than a decade old, so be aware that the stats are outdated, but I wanted to get something out on this important subject as soon as possible. I am currently working on updating the information, including with my upcoming webinar.

So now that the coronavirus/COVID-19 pandemic is here, what can we do to protect ourselves, our families and our communities? That’s the subject of my upcoming live webinar on April 8 at 2pm ET: How Not to Die in a Pandemic. To register, go here.

All of the sources used in this video, as well as others regarding the history and prevention of pandemics, can be found here.

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