Staying Healthy with Tai Chi & Healing Sounds – FREE daily exercise

Our Free videos:

Our normal YouTube Channel has been stolen and we are working to get it back. 

In the meantime, we are putting as many of our videos as we can on Our Vibrant Health and Happiness YouTube Channel  

Normally we have over 100 FREE videos to watch and/or participate with on our YouTube Channel. We hope to have all the videos available again ASAP. shares a FREE daily exercise for Staying Healthy, especially for those stuck at home. The easy flowing individual Tai Chi movements can help calm the mind while circulating Chi (the vital Life Force) throughout the body. Please share this video. You can also find over 30 free practice videos with instructions on our YouTube Channel –

And for those who have Amazon or YouTube on their television, search “Don Fiore Tai Chi.”

Sending prayers for the health of all people. Stay positive because that is helpful for the immune system.

YouTube channel for

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