Ep 10: Dr. Michael Klaper on Why Every Bite Matters – Rip Eppelstyn Engine 2 Plant-Strong

“Heaven forbid, you get a heart attack or a stroke. It’s only you in that hospital bed. It’s not the people at work. It’s not your daughter-in-law. It’s not the people you go out to dinner with. It’s you. You’re a grown man. You’re a grown woman. It doesn’t matter what people think at this point and you don’t owe anything to anybody. It’s nobody’s business what you order for lunch.”

Not many people tell it like it is better than Dr. Michael Klaper. As a revered member of the Plant-Strong retreat team, this nutritional Paul Revere always inspires with his infinite wisdom, caring spirit, and straightforward approach. It’s also this fervor that drives his quest to expose and awaken tomorrow’s young physicians to the power of a plant-based healing with his Moving Medicine Forward Initiative.

This candid interview is true-to-form as Dr. Klaper and Rip ask the audience to let go of their sacred cows and get off their ‘BUTS’ to make positive changes for long term health.

Life is made up of small changes, and the food we eat every day changes us from the inside out. When you switch to a whole food plant based diet, you have a self healing mechanism and the body gets itself back into balance. So, why not eat the cleanest fuel possible for your metabolic engine?

There are no ifs, ands, or buts about it. Every bite matters.

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