The Eagle Has Flown!

Our Plant Strong Club monthly meeting took place last night, Monday, March 2, and I believe it’s safe to say a good time was had by all. We opened with an excellent time of sharing by my dear friend and yoga instructor since 1999, Pam Peters. You may watch that here on YouTube.

After Q & A and drawings for a pass for 10-days of free classes at West Little Rock Yoga and a free class pass at the Floating Lotus Yoga Studio, we watched this video interview: Michael Klaper, M.D., Vegan Diet Truths and Myths interviewed by Dr. Nick Delgado on YouTube, and discussed it and other WFPB-related topics afterward.

Please review a copy of the email invitation for more information and links to other local resources. Details will be forthcoming regarding Dr. Klaper’s visit to UAMS, Little Rock, on April 1. Mark your calendar now for the public presentation at 6 PM, Reynolds Institute, UAMS, Jo Ellen Ford Auditorium.

Copies of three emails were also attached regarding Vito and Vera going live with their “innovative plant-based cuisine,” Stephanie Spencer’s upcoming classes “Plant-Based Wellness for Beginners,” and Dr. Maryelle Vonlanthen’s Healthy Nugget updates as follows:

Dear Healthy Nuggetters, 

You may wonder why I have not yet sent out announcements for this month’s classes.  Very simply put, I needed to take a break and sharpen my vision for our 2020 goals.  

So the plan and direction for the future are as follow: 

1.  We will continue to have lunch/dinner meetings and talks.  Based on the group’s feedback we can have some on Friday evenings and some Saturday at lunch, alternating to make sure everyone gets to participate. A delicious plant based meal will be served courtesy of Bernadette and I will provide thought provoking topic presentations to encourage and support your journeys to health. 

2.  The cooking classes as we have presented will no longer be offered. Instead Bernadette and I will be offering one on one classes in your homes. This way the class will be hands on with us helping you prepare delicious dishes. This will also help you stock your pantry with necessary ingredients to facilitate future meal preps. What we cook will depend on what you want to learn, specifically for you. 

3.  Finally I would like to spend more time working with you one on one to coach, support and assist you in making impactful changes to your diets which will bring you to health.  This will allow me to address the specific situations and challenges each of you are facing and together we can overcome these barriers.   Those interested can schedule a session by Emailing me. 

Our final “regular” cooking class will be in March (date to be announced) along with a Saturday Lunch.  I welcome your questions and comments. I look forward to sharpening our vision for health to 20/20 ! and most importantly my greatest joy as your coach is to see your health improve and you living a full, active and exciting long life. 

Happy Eating ! 


You may request to be added to Maryelle’s email list for future updates by emailing her at this address: Also note that we have several of her presentations posted under Past Presentations.

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