Update on Star McDougaller Kiki—“I share so people can continue to hear this message and realize they have the power to change their lives.”

Update – Star McDougller Kiki

Last year, I shared as a Star McDougaller after I lost 30 pounds and got rid of all my health problems by following the starch solution. Read my story here.

I’m sharing with you today because I wanted to express how much my life has continued to change since first reading Dr. McDougall’s book and how I am now able to share this life changing information with thousands of others. Since writing to you guys last November, I decided that more people needed to hear about this lifestyle and all its benefits. I decided to start a YouTube channel and Instagram account in order to document my journey and to help people with simple and practical meal ideas. At first just my mom and few cousins subscribed but over these past few months my channel has grown so much and continues to grow daily. In each video I share how Dr. McDougall’s work has so positively changed my life and I continually encourage my viewers to read his book or visit his website for the many free resources he has available. My most recent videos are getting almost 10,000 views in one week!  I’m blown away that so many people are hearing how Dr. McDougall’s work can help them change their lives and their family’s lives. Thank you all for all the work you do!

You can find Kiki on YouTube here.
And on other social media platforms as @plantifulkiki

Comments from The McDougall Team: The McDougall Program is not affiliated with Kiki’s channel or content but we do find her videos very helpful and compliant. We support Kiki’s efforts in sharing our work and diet. Well done Kiki! Click Here to Read More Success Stories Starter Kit 10-Day Immersions Cookbook App Intensive Weekends Copyright © 2020 Dr. McDougall’s Health and Medical Center. All rights reserved.
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