Dr. Maryelle Vonlanthen’s Healthy Nuggets Xmas Party & Potluck – Saturday, 11a.m.-1p.m., December 14

Hello Healthy Nuggetters ! 

Once again we are approaching the holidays and there will be no cooking class or lecture this month.  On the other hand we all look forward to our Xmas party/potluck where you guys get to cook for me for a change!  Show me what you have learned over the past year and share with the group !  Let your friends know!   I am out of town at this time and I do not have the list of the new attendees with me so please pass on the word!

Xmas party and potluck : please RSVP see below 

Date: Saturday December 14 from 11 AM to 1 PM 

Location : My office Pediatric Gastro  1515 S Bowman  Little Rock AR 72211

What to bring : 

 1.  Good cheer! 

   2.  A dish that will serve 10-12 people : it needs to be whole food, plant based with no added oils or processed fats 

   3.  Whatever is needed to serve the dish (serving utensils)  

   4.  We can heat the dishes in oven but you must bring whatever container in order to do so (I have limited supplies at the office) 

  5.  If you want to share the recipe please email it to me and I will make a handout to share with the group . 

What I will provide: 

  1.  Plates, bowls, napkins and cutlery 

  2.  Enough tamales for everyone and a big salad 

  3.  Ice and water to drink 

PLEASE: RSVP to arwellnessforum@gmail.com by Friday 8 AM so I will have a head count for the Tamales. 

Have a safe week ! 


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