The Plant Strong Club Dec. 2, 2019, 6PM @ Natural Grocers Meeting Information – UPDATED

We are delighted to present Quinyatta Mumford of Mumford & Associates. Check out her creds here! Thanks, Larry, for the heads up about Quinyatta. We’re so pleased to add her to our ranks! She will be followed by Stephanie Spencer and Chef Alicia Watson with more good news regarding a new development:  Click here for details

Great presentations from all our guests. Here is the excellent handout from Quinyatta: She also shared the link to the Ark. Dept. of Health website where you can search for a restaurant and read its latest inspection reports! . WARNING! You may never want to eat out again! Or, you could breathe a sigh of relief!

Be sure to bookmark Stephanie’s website: and sign up for the Plant Based Transformation for Beginners classes starting January 7! These could be life changing for you and/or your friends and loved ones. Something I’m also very personally very excited about, and I quote:

And I am incredibly excited to announce that I will be partnering with Chef Alicia Watson of Vito and Vera, a culinary wellness company, to offer delicious plant-based meal options! Chef Alicia will be offering:

  • WFPB dinners available for purchase at each class.  Cost: $15.  We will send out an email with the menu prior to each class.
  • WFPB cooking demos at each class.  These will be easy WFPB cooking techniques that you can use at home to give you the concrete steps you need to transition to a WFPB way of life. 
  • WFPB  chef-prepared take-home meal options and “short cuts” available for purchase at each class that you can use when creating your meals at home each week. 

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