Is It Better to Get Protein from Plants or Animals? – The People’s Pharmacy

People getting most of their protein from plants and consuming a healthful plant-based diet are more likely to live longer and less likely to get diabetes.

Proponents of a vegetarian diet frequently have to respond to public anxiety that you can’t get enough protein from plants. However, there is growing evidence that a plant-based diet has health advantages compared to one based on animal protein.

A Japanese Study Favors Protein from Plants:

Read Terry Graedon’s article here: Is It Better to Get Protein from Plants or Animals?

Eating Protein from Plants at a Fast-Food Franchise:

Some consumers have become excited about the option of a plant-based “burger” from their favorite fast-food franchise. Is this a healthful option? Harvard scientists commented on this idea in JAMA (August 26, 2019). While they concede that plant-based meat alternatives may be better for the planet, they question how healthful these foods may be. Such non-meat burgers are highly processed to achieve the texture and flavor of meat. We do not have long-term studies to show whether people eating plant burgers at fast food chains have better health than those eating meat.

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