The Plant Strong Club 7-28-19 Email

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Updated with message from Stephanie to her contacts:

Hello friends, 

I have met most of you at various Farmer’s Markets and discussed in passing the health benefits of a Plant-Based Diet while selling microgreens.  Well, I’m pleased to invite you all to the Plant Strong Club meeting this Monday, August 5th from 6-8pm at Natural Grocers on Rodney Parham where we will have more time to visit about this exciting topic!

I’ve been an RN for 27 years, caring mostly for end-stage heart failure patients (you can read more details from my bio below), but I will be sharing our family’s story of transitioning to a plant-based diet after my husband was diagnosed with pre-diabetes earlier this year.   If you suffer from any of these far too common chronic conditions-high blood pressure, diabetes or pre-diabetes, heart disease, high cholesterol (technically a total cholesterol over 150 or LDL (bad) cholesterol over 80), and many more-the good news is-you can do something about it!  By changing what you eat and you will frequently enjoy much more dramatic and long-lasting results than you could ever obtain with expensive medications and invasive procedures. 

I’ll also be discussing the exciting nutrition benefits of microgreens in particular and I’ll have some microgreens available for sale as well as my Seven Day Plant Based Challenge Kits (7 days of broccoli microgreens for morning green smoothies and 7 days of Superfood Rainbow Mix to nutritionally turbo-charge easy lunches and dinners.  I have easy recipes and a pantry item list scripted out for 7 days as well as a list of recommended viewing, reading and internet resources).  So be thinking about it!  The idea is to jump in the deep end for 7 days and then after that, decide what food choices you will continue to make for the rest of your life for the optimal health that is easily attainable with this lifestyle.   

Please RSVP with this Facebook link if possible, and I hope to see you there!

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