One thought on “Reversing Amyloidosis with Nutrition by Brooke Goldner, M.D.

  1. My husband has been diagnosed 1 year ago with wATTR type amyloidosis. Dx: via bx. of ventril wall and sent to Mayo Clinic. He is on Vyndamax for one year. He had an Echo Cardiogram 3/10/22. Dr. Barry Tractenberg at Houston Methodist told us his heart has not gotten worse since a 1 year ago cardiogram 1/2021 He continues to feel exhausted much of the day. He pushes himself to take care of his tractors, cut hay and makes his own biodiesel. We live on 69 acres of land and he must ride everywhere because walking is too difficult because of breathing. He works out at the local fitness center for about 1 hour 3 times a week. He simply has to nap for at least an hour a day or he is so exhausted by 7 in the evening he simply sits the rest of the evening. WE are considering a second opinion but I am thinking that is a futal step however he is determined to do something else to help himself. Our son located your video which I have just watched. We are willing to try diet change even though Dr. T tells us he knows of not diet that will help. This leaves me to believe he is “establishment” medical pro active thus the interest in what you have to say.
    Care giving is getting difficult because he often has issues that he thinks he must go to to the doctor for and the answers are always the same plus they might do a blood test of some type, adjust a medication but nothing helps.
    I can not make then read about the disease but as I try to read all I can find I find nothing that seems helpful.
    We would love to talk with you. I will find someoine to help me do a zoom visit so that we can talk- if you think you can help.
    Our land line is 979 561 8884 and my cell is 713 817 1526. We live in Schulenburg, Texas _a rural community on the edge of central Texas.
    Thanks for you consideration!

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