Arkansas Wellness Forum – Maryelle Vonlanthen, M.D. – Two Events This Weekend!

Yikes what happened: time warp that is what it is.  I was in NW Arkansas yesterday until very late. Sorry for not giving you guys much notice time for this coming week end’s activities. 

Bernadette will be in Germany (lucky her) and I am trying to convince my husband to come and present one of his awesome inventions.  

On Friday I am planning some easy portable meals. Something in the line of salads as this is pot luck time.  But who knows what surprises we will have depending on available produce.  

On Saturday we will have 2 wonderful guest speakers: Cathy Christian and Kellie Coleman .  They are doing a wonderful job with programs at Natural Grocers and public libraries. I wanted them to discuss what they do and get us all connected! 

The schedule is as follows: 

Please RSVP by sending an email to no later than Friday 8 AM  and let me know which event(s) you plan on attending.  

Our next Cooking Class is this Friday May 17, 2019 from 6:00-8 :00PM 

Location: second floor Baptist classroom (near the Breast imaging center) located in the Hickingbotham Center, 9500 Kanis Rd. 

Cost: 15 $ (or use your prepaid card) 

Saturday lunch: 

   When : Saturday May 18 , 2019 from 11:00 AM to 1:00 PM 

   Where: My office  Pediatric Gastro Associates 1515 South Bowman Rd (on the left just past the skating ring) 

   Cost: $15 at the door (or use your prepaid card) 

Happy eating!!! 



Payment options: 

 You will have 3 options. 

   1.  Pay at the door 15$ per event (class or lecture) 

   2.  Pick up a DISCOUNT CARD and purchase 9 events (pay $15 at the door) and get the 10th one free. If you bring guests you can fill your card faster! (10% discount) 

   3.  Purchase a PREPAID CARD for $120 for 10 events. I will sign the card each time you use it. Couples you can use the same card and if you bring a guest you can use it too so you and your guest will benefit from the discount. (20% discount) 

One thought on “Arkansas Wellness Forum – Maryelle Vonlanthen, M.D. – Two Events This Weekend!

  1. “Natural Goods and public libraries… “ she really knows her stuff.🤪 do you know what time y’all will be Speaking?

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